GL895 Blue Nitrile PF™

Nitrile powder free disposable glove

EN Standard

For Minimal Risks Only

Features & benefits

The GL895 Blue Nitrile PF glove provides wearers with a range of features and benefits which protect the wearer from potentially harmful irritants in low risk situations.

The key features of this synthetic rubber glove include:


Synthetic rubber protects the hands from contamination, dirt and potential irritants in low risk situations. AQL rating of 4.0.


The GL895 Blue Nitrile is powder free, to reduce the risk of product contamination. It has been tested in accordance with EN1186, making it suitable for food contact.


Textured fingertips offer extra grip.


The rolled cuff provides additional strength and prevention of liquid roll back.


Polyco recommends that the GL895 Blue Nitrile PF can be used for the following: Food Processing, General Assembly, Local Authority Work, Electronics, Inspection, Light Duty Maintenance, Painting and Decorating and Automotive Maintenance & Repair.

More information can be found in the product data sheet below.

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