This is Us

Polyco has been a pioneer in the design and delivery of products to help people in the workplace perform better and safer for more than 35 years. Through our significant research and development base in the UK and strong network of experienced manufacturing partners around the world we determine our customers’ needs and develop innovative solutions.

Proud of our great past, we are working towards an even greater future. To deliver aspiration you need capability, and we are drawing on the wealth of skills and knowledge that has built up in our business to present something to our customers that is not just different but – more importantly – better. At Polyco, the same values that apply to our products apply to the business as a whole. We are driven by what we believe in: performance, quality and customer confidence. We are moving forward, seeking out creative ideas, consulting a wider group of stakeholders, and forming new strategic partnerships to offer a service that goes beyond product, and beyond normal expectations.

We want to challenge convention by focusing on how the future could look – through original thinking and ideas – rather than on how it should look, through purely reactive and incremental development. We are going that extra mile, by redefining our products, our services and our business. Polyco’s existing skilled manufacturing partners help us deliver premium high performance, high-protection products, and we work closely with them to ensure continuous
improvement. Our dynamic and talented team is uniquely placed to identify new partners to help us grow our already broad range by bringing innovation to life through bold designs and advanced functionality.

Everything we do is considered through the filter of ‘what does the user think?’ We continually canvass the views of our customers, and use our expert knowledge and understanding of the market to make sure we are delivering what they want now, and what they will expect in the future.

We also recognise and are responding to how the world likes to do business these days. We are making it as easy as possible for people to deal with Polyco and get what they need – when, where and how they need it. A significant investment in and upgrade of our IT infrastructure means we will be able to provide outstanding support for our customers and facilitate one-to-one dialogue between them and our knowledgeable and experienced team.

Indeed, our ability as a business to provide a local service and build personal relationships with our customers is a key differentiator. It allows us to offer greater flexibility, unrivalled response times and a simple, straightforward service.

At Polyco, we appreciate that the world is evolving at a greater pace than ever before. The nature of work and its attendant risks are changing; the ways in which companies and individuals operate and interact commercially are diversifying; and the expectations of all of us are constantly increasing. But we are not standing still and letting all of that happen around us. We have ambition, we have optimism and we have determination – and we believe that’s the winning combination for our customers, our partners and, ultimately, for a safer world of work.

Gloves for the consumer

Polyco is the UK’s largest supplier of household and disposable Consumer gloves serving customers that include all the major consumer grocery multiples as well as the Catering and Food Service industry.

Polyco has developed a strong branded presence in the UK with Bizzybee and has an exceptional track record of product innovation bringing many new developments to the market. In addition to household, disposable, gardening and DIY gloves, Bizzybee is a key player in the cleaning cloths market with nonwoven all-purpose cloths, sponge cloths and microfibre cloths.

Polyco also has a strong presence in the Consumer Healthcare sector with cotton wool (organic and Fair Trade), impregnated wipes, and a range of first aid products.

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