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Why choose Polyco?

For more than 35 years, Polyco has been a pioneer in the design and delivery of premium hand-protection products and is now one of the largest technical glove companies in Europe. Through our significant research and development base in the UK and network of manufacturing partners around the world, we determine our customers’ requirements to ensure we can deliver what they need, when they need it.

  • Comprehensive product range:
    Via our three main brands – Polyco, Bodyguards and Bizzybee – we offer a vast range of high-performance, cost-effective products to protect people from all types of work-related hazards in all sectors and environments.
  • Local warehousing:
    We supply all our stock from our UK headquarters in Enfield, Middlesex, so we can provide a fast, efficient and direct service for our customers.
  • Distributor support:
    As well as an office-based account manager you are assigned a field contact, who can get to you quickly, if need be. Both will deal personally with every aspect of your account, advising you on stock, order status and credit information.
  • Technological expertise and support:
    At our technologically advanced R&D centre in Enfield, Middlesex we bring innovation to life through bold design and enhanced functionality. Our team of experts is available to answer your technical questions, provide advice, discuss research options, and carry out more than 30 UKAS-accredited European standard tests.
  • IOSH Accredited training:
    We’re proud to deliver the UK’s first training course on assessing hand protection to be accredited by IOSH. The one-day course will give you the competence to evaluate hand-protection options, so you can confidently advise your customers how to select the most appropriate products. Click here for more information.
  • Glove Surveys:
    Our free Hand Protection Assessment Survey (HPAS®) will help you discuss with your customers how to select the most suitable hand and arm protection products for particular work environments and tasks.


The Hand Protection Assessment Survey from Polyco – helping you help your customers

The range of hand and arm protection products available on the market today is extremely broad. As a result, it can be difficult to determine the right solution for the job to be done. To help PPE distributors guide their customers towards the right choice, Polyco offers a free comprehensive survey. Undertaken by glove-industry experts, the survey will:

  • Cover current EN standards and relevant legislation, particularly the PPE Directive 89/656/EEC;
  • Provide a detailed report, highlighting the most appropriate products for various work tasks and environments;
  • Document a process to support risk assessment procedures;
  • Identify common areas where improvements can be made, in terms of both cost and best practice; and
  • Advise on how to avoid injury claims and lost time due to employee ill health.

Click here to register your interest and make an appointment for a survey.


Hand Protection Assessment Survey

Did you know?

We manufacture more than 12 million gloves a year at our premises in North London

If you laid out all the pallets in our warehouse end-to-end they’d stretch out for over 10 miles

We support over 3,000 Distributor customers Worldwide