How our gloves are an essential part of any toolkit

Whether you earn a crust as a builder, welder, plumber, electrician, mechanic, joiner, handyman, catalytic chemist or everything in between – there is one thing that connects you all.

One glove to rule them all, one glove to mind them, one glove to bring them all, and under the Health & Safety Act 1974 bind them.

Rubbish Lord Of The Rings jokes aside, Polyco has spent the last 35 years dedicating itself to the design and delivery of protective gloves to help people perform better and safer in the workplace. Through our significant research and development base in the UK and strong network of experienced manufacturing partners around the world we determine our customers’ needs and develop innovative solutions.


So whatever you do for a living, make sure you are protected with a pair of Polyco gloves in your toolkit. Here are some recommendations from us!


You will want to check out our Multi-Task L gloves or if you aren’t a fan of yellow, try our Multi-Task E range. Both these heavy duty gloves are perfect for wet and dry conditions and offer must have back of hand protection for your line of work.


Some like it hot and no more so than welders. It goes without saying though that if this is your chosen profession you need a solid set of protective equipment that won’t let you down. Our Weldmaster gloves are perfect for heavy duty thermal welding and if you need some real heat resistance the Ingot Heatbeaters can withstand contact temperatures of 500°C for 40 seconds! 


If you’re in the plumbing profession, you’ll know the demanding conditions you’ll experience day to day. From inspecting commercial buildings, making sure their plumbing work meets standards, to the installation and repairing of water pipes. It’s perhaps a more physical job than those who aren’t in the trade imagine. The latest Polyflex Hydro range, water resistant gloves that are ultra-lightweight and have excellent breathability, are ideal for this toolkit.


If you are working on any kind of electrical maintenance, from AC voltage 500V up to 36,000V then you need our Electricians Gloves in your kit. If you need extra grip and additional mechanical protection, you can double these up with our Leather Protector Gauntlet. Shockingly good value… (Sorry)!


Look no further than our Dyflex Plus N gloves which offer high cut resistance within a lightweight foamed nitrile coating. Or alternatively if you need that extra dexterity, our Matrix Mechanics gloves have three open fingers, to help you with those fiddly tasks whilst keeping you safe.

Anything to do with chemistry…

If you are working in a lab or handling chemicals on a day-to-day basis, it is vital you have the right protection. Our Ketochem gloves are designed with a unique formulation to provide exceptional protection against a wide range of solvents. Think your average kitchen glove combined with steroids and that is the basis for our Matrix Nitri-Chem gloves. These provide great protection against chemicals and offer enhanced grip, because nobody wants to deal with a chemical spill first thing on a Monday morning.


Whatever you do, you can guarantee we will have a glove for you. So have a look through our collections and then get on the blower to your local PPE distributor!