Making a splash with our water resistant gloves range

At Polyco we’re always looking for a new adversary to pit our wits against. We’ve conquered cold, beat the heat and overcome every conceivable type of chemical.

So what next? Well we thought it was time we tackled an age-old foe, H2O. So the gloves are off; water, it’s time to run, the new Polyflex® Hydro range has arrived.

As conditions go, wet, cold and slippery working environments can cause serious headaches. That’s why we put our heads together to design a new range with the clear objective of keeping your hands dryer for longer without compromising on dexterity and comfort. A tough task but one we were determined to conquer.

The new range comprises of five different gloves each with unique characteristics and designed for specialist jobs where water is a clear and present danger.

We used all old adage in our design logic. Instead of using ‘fire to fight fire’ we use ‘liquid to fight liquid’. We give each and every glove a unique treatment to create a liquid barrier around the gloves, which makes them highly resistant to water.

We won’t bore you with the exact science but basically the gloves are washed in a special hydrophobic (water-repelling) solution, so the barrier applies to the entire product – not just the palm, or the cuff. This ‘3D water-resistance’ was only half the battle though, resistance is one thing but it couldn’t be to the detriment of performance.

That’s why a special coating applied to all the gloves is infused with air bubbles to provide a comfortable cushioning effect and enhanced grip in all conditions – dry, wet and oily. The coating also means the gloves last longer so they really do pack some punch. 

So now we’ve whet your appetite, let’s get into a little more detail, here is the tale of the tape:

The Polyflex® Hydro range, by comparison, is ultra-lightweight, close-fitting and offers excellent breathability.

The Polyflex® Hydro C3 and Polyflex® Hydro C5 gloves have the added advantage of a cut-resistant liner (levels 3 and 5, respectively), making them ideal for construction, manufacturing and engineering work, oil and petroleum operations, glass-handling and cutting tasks.

The Polyflex® Hydro TP and Polyflex® Hydro C5 TP feature modified thermoplastic cushioning on the back of the hand, which protects it from impact without restricting movement. The cut-resistant liner of the Polyflex® Hydro C5 TP protects up to cut level 5, and both gloves have an adjustable Velcro® wrist strap and an elasticated neoprene cuff to ensure a secure fit. They are suitable for use in heavy construction, engineering, manufacturing and assembly, logistics and utilities.

The Polyflex® Hydro KC benefits from further nitrile coating on the knuckles, to protect an area of the hand that is particularly vulnerable to knocks and scrapes. These gloves are perfect for tasks typically carried out in port and container work, construction and logistics.

Polyco’s head of customer solutions, James Arrowsmith said: “Up to now, keeping hands dry in a wet environment could only be achieved at the expense of flexibility and comfort. With the Polyflex® Hydro range, Polyco offers gloves that are highly water-resistant but still light, breathable and hard-wearing, so workers can carry out their tasks effectively in the most challenging conditions.”

 So that’s Polyco 1, H2O 0

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