Impact Protection. Banishing back-hand bashings to the history books

If you have a passing interest in sport ‘The curse of the metatarsal’ is a headline you’ll have seen splashed across the back pages many, many times. But wait, “a metatarsal is a bone in the foot” we hear you cry, “what business has it got in the introduction to a glove-based blog?”

 Well stick with us, the reason a metatarsal is so relevant, is its almost legendary vulnerability. Through human evolution, these bones have remained stubbornly susceptible to damage. Many footballers have writhed on the turf in agony, shedding expensive tears due to the difficulty in protecting these fragile, little foot bones.

A lot of the injuries are said to be down to the design of the modern day boot. With the goal to make footwear increasingly light and flexible, protection, especially on the top of the boot, is often sacrificed.

This vulnerability led us to think of the parallels in our glove-based world. In most cases hands are relatively simple to protect but even they have their own Achilles heel, the often overlooked back of the hand.

That’s why at Polyco our backhand boffins have been working tirelessly to ensure the back of the glove is as expertly engineered as the front.

To be effective in preventing injury, impact protection must be able to reduce the amount of force transmitted to the hand. Our new range, therefore, features a layer of thermoplastic (also known as TP), which guards against potential backhand injuries. From whacks with the hammer to dropped tools, the highly flexible TP offers serious TLC as it is soft to absorb the force of a blow without compromising on the other important attributes of the glove like dexterity and grip. Even though the rubber is soft, it’s still tough. Really tough. It won’t break down over time and is also lightweight. We’ve incorporated this technology into 3 of our gloves, as well as increasing other specs so the back of your hand is better protected than ever before. Now the back of your hand is at the front of our mind. The Multi-Task E™, Grip It® Oil C5 TP and Multi-Task E C5™ are available now.