Beautiful boats handcrafted with pride

Luxury yachts. It’s a glamorous world of frolicking super models, nipping over to Monaco for the Grand Prix and Russian Oligarchs playing literal one-upmanship.

If you managed to quiz your average super model on her knowledge of the laminating process of the boat she’s currently frolicking on, she’ll typically have only a rudimentary grasp of the basics.

Which is a real shame. Because when you know exactly what goes into these spectacular vessels you appreciate them on a completely different level.

Sunseeker, the Dorset based builder of the world’s finest motor yachts wrote the book on craftsmanship. They have an unrivalled reputation for quality and excellence and a legendary attention to detail.

That’s because you’ll struggle to find any industry where the quality of the finished product is so scrutinised. Every detail is put under the most unforgiving microscope so you ultimately sink or swim on the quality of your final product.

Yet to some, the awe-inspiring sight of a Superhawk 34 tearing through the sea like Jaws tearing through the residents of Amity Island is enough for them to go weak at the knees and reach for the chequebook.

But if you’re like us and love knowing about what goes into every inch of your super yacht it’s those all-important little details and the challenges involved that float your boat.

When the ocean is your playground the potential hazards are obvious. It’s overflowing with giant icebergs, cutlass wielding pirates, poisonous jellyfish, humongous squid, ravenous sharks and not forgetting, Godzilla. But when you’re involved in yacht construction, the list of hazards is equally daunting.

That’s why Sunseeker ensure the hands that build their yachts can carry out their roles expertly and safely by using Polyco safety gloves. 

Take the laminators; their job is to apply the top layer of gel to the initial fibreglass structure. In order to ‘cure’, this gel needs an accelerant-organic peroxide-to be added to it. The two substances must be mixed and handled incredibly carefully as there is a risk of serious chemical burns so the right specification chemical protection gloves are crucial. And this is just one small aspect involved in the construction of the finished vessel. A team of highly skilled tradespeople are involved including bonders, engineers, carpenters, electricians, teak-deckers, anti-foul painters, deck fitters, bench joiners, upholsters, loom assemblers, stainless-steel fabricators, welders and polishers. In all, almost 90 per cent of Sunseeker’s 2,000 strong workforce are directly involved in hands-on product roles. That’s a serious amount of highly skilled hands doing a lot of incredibly skilled roles. To keep all these finely tuned instruments protected Sunseeker use 11 different types of role specific safety gloves from the Polyco range. Martin Arnold, SH & E Compliance Manager says “We work closely with Polyco and have an on-going programme to assess and review our hand-protection requirements. This keeps us up to date with the latest developments and best practice and ensures we provide our employees the most suitable and hand protection solutions available.” Sunseeker and Polyco. Brands that fit like a glove. To find out more about our safety glove range click here and to discover more about Sunseeker visit