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You might be surprised to know that there is a lot more to us here at Polyco than just gloves. Well…it’s mostly gloves, but there’s still a lot more to us than you may think. When our gloves become part of your life, like they have for us, then you’ll never cease to be amazed by the remarkable feats they go through once you get your hands on them…

    27 January 2017

    How our gloves are an essential part of any toolkit

    Whether you earn a crust as a builder, welder, plumber, electrician, mechanic, joiner, handyman, catalytic chemist or everything in between – there is one thing that connects you all. One glove to rule them all, one glove to mind them, one glove to bring them all, and under the Health & Safety …

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    21 December 2016

    Making a splash with our water resistant gloves range

    At Polyco we’re always looking for a new adversary to pit our wits against. We’ve conquered cold, beat the heat and overcome every conceivable type of chemical. So what next? Well we thought it was time we tackled an age-old foe, H2O. So the gloves are off; water, it’s time to run, the new Polyfle…

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    01 November 2016

    Accredited training with Polyco

    Hands up if you’ve ever been unsure which is the right hand and arm protection for you? Nowadays there is dizzying array of hand and arm protection products to choose from. But do you know which ones are right for you and your business? Which ones provide the best defense against injury? Knowing wh…

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    12 October 2016

    Views from the construction industry

    At Polyco we’re all about the evolution of the glove. We’re constantly exploring ways to improve performance through design and materials and we’re always excited to see how the industries we operate in embrace technology. As our Technical Director, Bernard Garvey, explains: “At Polyco, we’ve alway…

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    23 August 2016

    Impact Protection. Banishing back-hand bashings to the history books

    If you have a passing interest in sport ‘The curse of the metatarsal’ is a headline you’ll have seen splashed across the back pages many, many times. But wait, “a metatarsal is a bone in the foot” we hear you cry, “what business has it got in the introduction to a glove-based blog?”  Well stick wi…

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    21 July 2016

    Beautiful boats handcrafted with pride

    Luxury yachts. It’s a glamorous world of frolicking super models, nipping over to Monaco for the Grand Prix and Russian Oligarchs playing literal one-upmanship. If you managed to quiz your average super model on her knowledge of the laminating process of the boat she’s currently frolicking on, she’…

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